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Cat’s Reaction to Realizing Dad Is Preparing His Favorite Snack Couldn’t Be Better

It's well known that cats love to eat. Especially one cat named Mauri, who's now famous for his excellent taste. Mauri is a cucumber lover. So much so, that he can pretty much sense when a cucumbers in his vicinity. As can be seen in a hilarious new video that has people online cracking up. 

Mauri is so attuned to his favorite snack that he can tell when it's being prepared in the other room. "Mauri knows exactly how cucumber being cut sounds like," his mom (@mauriandcucumbers) wrote in the video's onscreen text. To prove her point, first Mauri's dad cuts lettuce — "Not interested," @mauriandcucumbers wrote. Then, it was tomatoes. "Losing interest," his mom narrated. But Mauri's reaction when his dad FINALLY sliced a cucumber is absolutely hysterical. "He knows EXACTLY [what's being cut]," his mom wrote. And it's so true! 

People in the comments section were obsessed with Mauri's special sixth sense. "He’s like.. omg it’s happening," @linnofdunans. "No doctor I wouldn't say it's an addiction," @really_drew92 joked. "The ear turning! Omfg so cute," @so_racheliffic added. "He could teach Kendall Jenner," @memeboividpants teased.

While other people shared that this happens to their cats too. "Lol they know their favorite sounds. My cat is like that with pineapple and avocado," @mariaelia311 wrote. "That's my cat when it comes to cheese. Could be two rooms away but knows if I touch cheese plastic," @therealkngi added. "This is legit my cat but with corn. He goes nuts for it," @user68920734 chimed in.

To be fair to Mauri, we're pretty much like this when we hear popcorn popping or hear someone open a bag of chips. You don't want someone else to get to your snack first!