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Cat Reacts to Having Her Paws Cleaned Like a Total Diva

LOL cats. They can be such drama queens (and kings) sometimes, particularly if they want to express how annoyed they are with their owners. And one specific kitty was none too pleased about having moss cleaned off her paws, so she decided to loudly vocalize her displeasure to her mum. 

A video of the cat's protests was shared on TikTok by @abigail_maybe yesterday, and it's quickly going viral with 4.6 million views. The text on the video indicates that this kitty loves to dig up moss in the garden a good five times a day. That might be all fun and games, but clearly, she isn't a fan of having the moss removed. Check out her incredibly dramatic performance as mum tries to clean her up.

You probably noticed that the caption on the clip reads, "She is just dramatic lol. It doesn't hurt her." Dramatic, indeed! What a complete cat diva. People are so entertained by this vocal kitty! One TikTok user, @Mason joked, "She just got her nails done, and you ruined them?!?" Another commenter, @Zaprowsdower added, "This is a blatant attack on the working class. That poor cat works hard to pay her bills 😔." 

There were some people who are concerned at the way the woman was picking up the cat, but the video creator (and woman's daughter) chimed in and said, "We only pick up my cat if necessary. My aunt is trained in animal care, and so my mother knows how to lift carefully. My cats always really vocal."

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This sweet kitty might not like the consequences of digging in that moss. But considering she keeps going back outside for more, the cleanup process must be worth it! 

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