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Video of Cat Reacting to a Lion on TV Is the Dose of Cuteness We All Need

Children always have the wildest dreams of who they want to be when they grow up. An astronaut, a princess, and there are even some kids that want to be a YouTuber…whatever that means! We think these ideas often come from watching TV. They find a character they love and look up to them for everything. It’s their inspiration. And then from there, kids will start to eat, sleep and talk like that character. Believe it or not, animals imitate who they look up to as well.

TikTok user @labybmw_ shared a clip of her cat named Snowball watching TV. Snowball had his eyes glued to the screen because there was another animal on it that made him realize who he wants to be when he grows up. King of the jungle! LOL. And just like a kid, Snowball wanted to mimic his new hero. Let's say we'll give him an A+ for effort and cuteness! 

Too cute! Snowball was channeling his inner lion power. He really gave his meows his best shot to sound like a roar. Not the scariest roar we’ve heard, but it is by far the cutest! Now, if he keeps practicing maybe he’ll be part of the pride soon. LOL. 

@Urooj said, "Just a smol lion watching a big lion." Exactly like a little kid watching his or her hero on the screen! "It's like tiny Simba learning to roar like his dad," commented @Jamie. Aww! How did we not make that connection before?! "Just the ✨tiniest✨ roar. Like a 'mrowr,'” added @kdenney1996. Hey, he has to start somewhere. It will only get louder with time! 

“This is me trying to practice any language using Duolingo,” said @Nicole Garrison. HA! Isn’t that the truth! But as long as he keeps practicing his roars, we think Snowball will sound like a lion in no time!