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Cat's Reaction to Realizing It's Finally Mealtime Is Just Too Cute

Is anyone else mind blown at how our pets know exactly when it's time to eat? Right on the dot, they'll come over to you, begging for food. Other than eating time, time means nothing to them. At least that's how it is with our pets! We wish our pets would be a little more like this TikTok cat who is known as @stinkyboykitty. He doesn't keep a tight ship when it comes to specific feeding times. How unusual! 

This cat's mom was talking to her kitty and kept asking if he knew what time it was. We all know that cats can't talk back so instead, this TikToker wrote out her cat's thoughts on the screen. And it was spot on! The cat was getting annoyed at first until the mom said a couple of special words. The caption reads, "Another day, another opportunity to be the one to tell this cutie its num num time!" Num num? O.M.G. We'd have the same reaction as this cat if anyone called it num num time! SO cute! 

Aww! How sweet is this?! The kitty really didn't know what time it was, but as soon as mom said num num, the cat's head shot around so quickly. And in case anyone cared, we're definitely going to start calling it num num time from now on. LOL!

"The way they SWUNG BACK," wrote @thatblue.wolf. Seriously, the head whipped back around in disbelief that it was time to eat! He wouldn't have known it was time unless she said so. "MOTHER I'M FAMISHED," said @smolchickspicypep. LOL! Why do our pets act like we never feed them?!

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Some TikTokers are talking about how animals don't necessarily comprehend time. Or they do for one thing in particular. @xtopherdfw commented, "Time means nothing...until dinner is late...then it means EVERYTHING." HA! Why is that the truest thing we've ever heard? @Ty Saylor added, "Time means nothing? To a cat? No wayyyy, cats know exactly when feeding time is and if you’re a minute late they sing the song of their people 😂." And boy, have we heard that song before! 

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