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Cat's Dramatic Reaction to Watching Mom Brush Her Teeth Is Giving Us Life

Animals are honest, even when they don't want to be. A twitch of an eye or a wagging tail can give away even the slightest of emotions, though there's no question what this cat was feeling as he watched his mom brush her teeth.

The hilarious clip was posted by @ptpcats on TikTok, though by now it's been viewed worldwide. "PTP" stands for Pj, Tigger, and Panda--the names of the user's cats--so we think it's a safe bet that this orange feline superstar is Tigger. He does have stripes!

If you think his name is adorable, just wait until you see his over-the-top reaction. He's an Oscar winner in the making! 

LOL! It's okay, Tigger--lots of people gag while brushing their teeth, too! Still, we can't imagine why this dude had such a big reaction to teeth brushing, of all things. So random!

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And so cute! @Celticgoddess thought this kitty's response was "just adorable 😂," and we can't help but agree. Is it bad that we're laughing?

"Cats hate the smell of mint," explained @jo_rene. Though one TikTok comment doesn't make something a fact, some fact-checking will reveal that this is true! Strong scents like mint and citrus are common ingredients in DIY cat-deterrents. Who knew?!

According to @Ptpcats, Tigger has watched family members brush their teeth plenty of times before. This is the first time he's ever gagged, though, so it still remains a mystery. 

With another hypothesis, @badjujuart guessed, "the noise and friction makes their whiskers twitch and makes them want to gag." Could be! No matter what's causing this reaction, we're just happy that it's not harming Tigger in any way. That makes us feel so much better for laughing! 

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