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Cat's Annoyed Reaction to Mom Adopting New Kitten Is Totally Classic

It's honestly pretty comforting to know that animals aren't so different from us after all. Whether it's being picky about a specific food or gravitating to a favorite human, there's instance after instance that shows us we're actually very similar. And all of you who have younger siblings might be able to relate to this video from TikToker @kestleypierce

The family has a 3-year-old orange cat named Hopper. Hopper became so used to having the family's attention focused on him since he was the only cat. We'd say he got a little too comfortable because just like with human families, this family wanted to grow. So they brought home a new kitty. And Hopper was not a happy camper. You'll be LOLing at his reaction to his new sister kitty!

LOL! Hopper doesn't want anything to do with the new furry family member. Sounds pretty much like any other older sibling who has to get used to a new baby in the fam. We can't blame him either! It's hard going from getting undivided attention to having to share. Maybe Hopper will warm up?!  

This creator is sure hopeful! She said in the comments that Hopper is only 3 years old so she thinks he'll adjust soon enough. And in another comment, she wrote, "He hasn’t been too happy but he’s getting better. He hides a lot but is coming out to watch her play which is a good sign even though he’ll hiss." See? Progress! We have a feeling they'll be snuggling and playing together real soon! Even @jadynbaby agrees. She said, "They will be BFFs watch 😂." Retweet!

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But until then, @Kellie Nash commented on what Hopper is thinking. It reads, "Hopper: 'Just ME and MY MOM'!!!" LOL! He's hissing because he doesn't want to share his mom. Meanwhile, the kitty is enjoying life. @Chickadee8three wrote, "I love how kittens literally don’t care." That's some youngest sibling energy if we've ever seen it! Plus, she knows she'll be getting all the attention from now on. LOL! 

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