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Cat’s Precious Reaction to Mom Returning From a Trip Is So Cute We Can’t Even

We’ve most likely all been there before. You have to leave for a trip and your furry bestie isn’t allowed to come. It hurts us as much as it hurts them! So when you do leave, you either call up a friend to watch your pets or sometimes, you might take them to the boarder. Leaving them is always a struggle. That’s why coming home is always so sweet. But for our pets, it might be a different kind of reaction when we walk in the door. 

TikTok kitty @nimbus_siberian was stuck at home with his cat dad and dog sissy, his owner wrote in a recent comment. She left them while she went away on a trip. And when she returned, she filmed Nimbus’ reaction. The utter shock on this poor cat’s face makes us believe he never thought she’d return. Poor kitty! But watch what happened after the realization settled a little more.

Aww! His eyes were so big because he couldn’t believe it was actually her! He was shocked, and amazed, and re-hurt all at the same time. Nimbus was probably thinking, ‘How could you do this to me?’ Turns out a ton of TikTok users have had similar experiences with their cats. One commenter, @Gwen Barringer, wrote, “My oldest kitty won’t even look at me for the first few hours after I’ve come home from being outta town.” LOL! It’s so sad but also so funny! 

That’s similar to what happened with this cat mom. “Oh it’s you 😒,” said another commenter. He was less than impressed. And then the text at the end of the video that said,  “You’ll pay for this tonight,” really got us LOLing. The cat was so happy for mom to be back, but after a quick celebration, it was back to the cat way - throwing some shade and holding some grudges! TikTok user @Zayl warned, “You’d better keep an eye open tonight 😂.” We would too! 

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Moral of the story - she’d better not leave him alone like that again! 

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