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Cat's Unexpected Reaction to New Kitty Sibling Has People So Touched

Whenever you bring home a new animal, there’s always that moment when you have to see if your old pet is going to be welcoming — or *ahem* not. Admittedly, sometimes it ends in real disaster. But in many cases, it’s actually pretty heartwarming to see your animals accept that things have changed. Just take one cat owner on TikTok, who was very nervous to introduce her cat, Moose, to their new kitten, Goose.

It all started when @hernameisnylah brought home the kitten recently. “My pawrents came home with a surprise for me…” the TikToker wrote in the video’s onscreen text. “A new friend.” The footage shows a very cautious Moose walking up to Goose’s carrier. It’s pretty obvious that Moose isn’t loving having a new animal in the house. “At first, I wasn’t so happy about the idea.” What happened next was pretty unexpected.

Aww! It took no time at all for Moose to have a change of heart. People were smitten with the new BFFs. “They are precious together,” @loribmom5 wrote. “So adorable. She must think it's her baby,” @cynthiavangool added. “That's it. I needn't see anything else in my life. I can go happily now!” @justsomethoughts.80 joked.

But not everyone is as lucky as this cat owner was. “I adopted a 2-year-old, and my cat still doesn't like her, and it's been a month that we've had her,” @sadtofusalad confessed. “Wow you're lucky! It NEVER happens that fast,” @jonnybagodonuts wrote. “This is a video I needed to see. We would like to get a friend for ours but not sure how they would react,” @littlepanther321 added.

Later in the thread, the creator told a commenter that they, too, were surprised at how little time it took for Moose and Goose to get along. “We honestly couldn’t believe how quickly she took to him! Within a day, she was grooming him and watching over him sleeping,” they wrote. We guess that when you know, you know!