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Cat's Epic Reaction to Family's New Kitten Is Cracking Everyone Up

Adding a second pet to the family is something we all want to do because once you start with one, it's impossible to stop. They're all just too cute to resist. We want all the pets! You'd think it's a good idea at first, and for some, it might be. But for others, their current pet might have something to say and not in a good way. Let's just hope if you do add a second furry friend to the family, your current one will eventually warm up.

TikTok user @destanydai's current cat is one that needs to warm up and get used to the family's new kitty. We know that because of this hilarious moment the TikToker captured that shows her cat looking at the new kitty. The caption on the video reads, "I don't think my cat likes our new kitty." And you'll see why she thinks that as the cat slowly pokes her head up to watch over the sleeping kitten. Trust us, it isn't a happy look. LOL! 

O.M.G. That cat was not a fan at all of the new kitty! We couldn't tell at first because the way the cat come over to look at the kitty was hilarious. She slowly moved her head up, almost like an animation. And her eyes were popping out of her head in amazement. But her eyes were also screaming, "Are you kidding me? This thing is still here?" Ha! This cat is definitely not the only one who's thought that before with a new sibling! 

"Scar looking at Simba vibes," wrote @Oldno7brand. LOL! Let's hope it doesn't end up the same way. Another TikTok user, @radiotelephone, suggested, "Separate rooms and slowly bring them together." That's a great idea! 

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And we're not worried about them getting used to each other. We have to agree with @mjvoyage who wrote, "They'll be best friends in no time, you'll see.😊." Oh absolutely! We believe that 100%. It will just take time!

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