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Cat's Reaction to Having His Paw Kissed Reminds Us Why We Love Cats

It's not always easy to give your cat affection. Sometimes they just aren't interested in feeling the love. Just like one cat on TikTok, who seemed positively perplexed when his mama gave him a little kiss on the paw. The little guy was so confused and people online are cracking up over his hilarious response.

No matter how much you love your cat, we can all admit that cats aren't known for needing a lot of physical contact. According to the footage from @watermonkey2, the cat mom just wanted to show her cat that she cares...but he really wasn't having it. "I kissed my cat's paw and this was his reaction," the video's text overlay reads.

First, the cat looked confused. Then his paw hung limp as if he'd been contaminated. "I phink it's broken," his owner joked in the onscreen text. 

Hilariously, the cat's lackluster reaction has gotten a lot of attention online. The video has since received more than 600,000 views. "Cats are so mean that’s why I love them," @lokigris joked. “Now I have to clean it again, hooman," @courtneyoflynn teased. “I uhh.. only see u as a friend.. I’m.. I'm sorry," @antonioxdrake kidded. "I LOVE how awkward cats get about their paws," @sociallyanchass wrote. 

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And one commenter even shared their own experience trying to give their cat some kisses. "Lmao! When I kiss my cat, she immediately cleans and sanitizes the body part I dared to kiss. Lol. She hates me," @christinaperdomo13 wrote. 

Later on her page, @watermonkey2 shared a second video of her kitty showing off her little paws. 

So we guess the number one rule when it comes to cats is to keep your mitts off their paws!

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