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Cat's Reaction to Owner Quarantining With COVID-19 Is So Cute Yet So Sad

We all know by now the protocols to follow with COVID-19. The three W's have been repeated over and over again - wear a mask, wash your hands and wait 6 feet apart. And then of course, if you're exposed or test positive, quarantining. But whether that quarantine lasts for two weeks or five days, our four-legged friends don't necessarily know why we're locking ourselves in our room away from the rest of the family or roommates. And honestly, it's so heartbreaking. 

One TikTok creator, @stantheodore, was quarantined for a week in the bedroom after contracting COVID. This meant no going to the kitchen or watching TV in the living room. And their poor kitty didn't understand why the bedroom door was constantly closed. So to try and get his parents out of the room, the cat does something that so adorable it will melt your heart. 

Aww! We don't know how to feel watching this video. We feel sad because the cat had no idea why he was being left out and also because they had COVID, which is no fun. But then we can't stop thinking how cute it is because the cat wanted to bring them presents! So precious! 

"This is hilarious😂😂 all those toys to cheer you up and those zoomies 😂😂😂," said @LisaNorris. So many toys! It seriously never ended. LOL! @akutoandthegirl added, "Awwww haha he's like lemme in! Look! I bring gifts 😂 poor baby but good for you for keeping him safe!" We feel so bad for him! But honestly, it's better to be safe than sorry and keep social distancing until you know you're feeling better. 

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Another TikTok user,, commented, "Aww just trying to get you to come and play. Hope you feel better 🤗." We hope so too! And once they're out of quarantine, we hope they shower this cat with love and playtime. 

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