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Cat's Hilarious Reaction to Smelling Rice Vinegar Is a Whole Mood

Sorry, @golden_goose7 you've had your fair share of food reviews, and  it's time for a new food blogger to come onto the scene. (Even though we do love his hilarious food takes and will 100% keep watching them!) The new four-legged friends that are making waves are TikTok user @eatsleepmeow's two cats, Frankie and Theo. 

The cats' owner has recently started letting them smell different foods. Ok well, maybe not food, but cooking ingredients. So far, these two cats have smelled olive oil, sriracha, syrup, butter, and even lemon juice. But one ingredient, in particular, has Frankie very upset. Wait until you get a load of his reaction to rice vinegar.

OMG! He did NOT like the rice vinegar at all, and he didn't hold back his opinion.  Or maybe he had some pent-up anger he needed to get out. Either way, Frankie's mood suddenly shifted when he was presented with the vile bottle.

"I think he doesn't like it," said @mericaa:). You think?! He wouldn't even let it come near him. "He about to call the police on this rice vinegar!" added @CC Wheeler. Lol, what did the rice vinegar ever do to him?! "It’s already strong, take it back," wrote @idiva.5.

We're also laughing at how his swatting at the bottle made such a cool sound. It's like he was a DJ making a unique new beat. @SeaLover013 was a fan and said "going to use the sound as my ring tone." We like that idea.! About to be on the Top 100 Billboard Chart! 

But is Frankie's hate over the rice vinegar or is it glass bottles? Because we don't think he just doesn't like bottles in general. LOL. Take, for example, this other review.

Poor Frankie! Or maybe not poor Frankie. We could just have a picky eater on our hands.