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Woman Claims Her Cat Reincarnated Into Her Dog and the Evidence Is Tough to Deny

Do you believe in the afterlife? A video on TikTok might just convince you. According to Nikki (@nikkivasconez) an animal communicator on the app, she not only believes that our pets cross over, but recently shared an experience where a cat came back as a very special dog. So cool! 

According to the pet psychic, it all started a year ago when a cat told her "she was going to reincarnate back to mom as a male dog, with really funny ears, and there's going to be something very unique about the letter 's,'" she says in the now viral-video. Okay, we're definitely intrigued. Could you imagine if this were true?

"Fast forward a year later, the mom just sent me a message on Instagram and said that her foster fail dog Ranger has the funniest ears ever," she explained. So cool! There were other signs that Ranger might be her cat in another life. But you'll have to watch the whole video to see what they are. 

People in the comments section were total believers. "I asked my mom if our dogs greeted her when she passed. Two weeks later my sister called to say she had a funny dream about mom surrounded by four dogs," @fahrenheit11 shared. "I wish I could talk to me deceased dog I miss him so very much and my cat too," @charlieebean added. "I lost my cat April 2020, I got a female cat August 2022 and I swear she’s just like my deceased cat… so much like her," @ginabeana88 added. 

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We hope that our pets really do come back to us in the next life. It's so comforting to think that they'll always be with us.

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