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Story of Cat Rescued From National Park Gives Us All the Feels

Miracles do happen, which is the only word you can use to describe how miraculous it was that these campers visiting Shenandoah National Park found this lost little kitten on the side of the road. TikTok users @Pasta_cats explain in the following video how they found the kitten and rescued her, and our hearts can't take it.

This warm video will totally restore your faith in humanity! It's just so amazing. 

This is such an amazingly touching video. Little Basil is so lucky these kind souls found her before it was too late. @Cavwoman3691 posts, "When you open your home to abandoned pets, you become the gifted one." @Valeriedenning adds, "I love a happy ending!" @Lizchase46 adds, "So glad you found her before too late. She is home now forever. Thanks for following your heart. She will reward you everyday." 

There's nothing better than a happy ending, especially when it involves saving the life of a pet. This whole thing is just too wonderful! 

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