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Devastated Cat Who Was Returned to the Shelter Without His Brothers Breaks Our Hearts

Fair warning, you're going to need a tissue for this story. A Florida animal shelter, known on TikTok as @humanebroward, had three sibling cats brought in together. Luckily, all three were adopted together. So you'd think a happy ending, right? Think again. 

The family that adopted all three cats ended up bringing the 8-year-old orange cat named Satellite back to the shelter. They said that he wasn't adjusting well in the adoptive family's home and hissing at the other cats. Even though the shelter has never seen this behavior in him. You'll heart will break into a million pieces when you see Satellite back in the shelter.  

Ugh, we can't stop crying at this video. Poor Satellite is probably so confused as to what happened. Plus, he's not with his siblings anymore who we imagine were the ones to comfort him before. "His brothers that got to stay must be missing him and feeling confused too💔💔," wrote @horsesandporsches. Wow, we didn't even think about the other cat siblings. Our hearts just broke all over again. 

"HOW YOU GONNA SEPARATE SIBLINGS?!!? 💔💔," asked @evelynlanae. Right? We wish this family was more patient so Satellite could get adjusted. It's not his fault he's a shy cat. It was just going to take a little more time than it took for his siblings. 

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Another TikToker, @robyncanflyfree, said, "So what he was shy? Why couldn’t they keep him and let him have his space?" We will never know these answers. The only thing we can do now is hope someone from a quiet home will adopt Satellite and give him all the time he needs to feel comfortable. 

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