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Cat's Precious Reaction to Reuniting With Mom After a Month Apart Brings Tears to Our Eyes

Going away can be fun, but sometimes coming home is even better. That goes double when you have a cat waiting at home for you. Just like one woman on TikTok who received the warmest welcome home from her cat after a trip. 

As the video from @brigitte_the_realtor shows, there really is no place like home. Especially when you have the welcome party that she has. "Reunited with my bestie" she wrote in the caption. 

"My friend took care of my cat for over a month while I was traveling and this is us reuniting," she wrote in the video's onscreen caption. "She's ready to come home," it states. 

The mom and kitty have the cutest little cuddle session when they see each other. This is the type of things that have made us cat lovers for life!

The comments section was so in love with these two. "Oh my heart, I’m crying," @mamabee.xo wrote. "I don’t know why I have water coming out of my eyes," @pamjohnsonhair joked. "The feeling of your cat knowing you would never hurt them and having that trust is the best," @aliiimckenzie chimed in. "I could never leave my wee girl, hate even staying a night away but seeing this makes me realize they love you, no matter what. Thank you," @jenniferoneill21 added.

Is there anything better than cat kisses after being away? We don't think so.

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