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Cat's Chill Joyride on a 'Roomba' Vacuum Is Cracking People Up

The great thing about cats is that most of the time nothing really bothers them. Although one cat on TikTok probably takes the crown for most chill cat of all time. The Ragdoll cat from Sarasota, Florida was completely unperturbed that he somehow end up on top of his owner's Roomba — and was even more unbothered when that Roomba started bumping into things. Talk about internet gold!

 It's not everyday that you see a cat on a Roomba, but when it happens you definitely want to get it on camera. According to the footage from the @delilahanddecklyn page, today was one of those days. "When the Roomba runs my cat into things and he just pretends nothing happened," the video's text overlay reads. "Not a single care in the world," the caption states. And yep, that just about sums up Decklyn's vibe completely. Even when his ride hits a small snafu.

People in the comments section were laughing at Decklyn's misfortunate. "Didn’t even TRY to duck that chair," @faith.campbell joked. "He enjoys the obstacles in his life," @inletlady707 teased. "WHO DRIVIN THIS BUSSSS?????" @naeganya kidded. "Clearly a daily occurrence," @triggerandgia commented. 

Although one person probably said it best: "This is fine," @eeveeandyoshi joked, as if reading Decklyn's mind. 

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But don't worry about Decklyn too much. A second video on his page revealed that he has at least one person watching out for him at all times — his sister Delilah. 

"She’s always watching," the caption states. Whew, thank goodness!

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