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Cat Gets Caught Rolling Around in Piles of Catnip and Mom's Reaction Is Everything

When you catch your pet indulging in their guilty pleasures, what do you do? Many owners step in to make sure their buddy is staying safe and healthy (and rightfully so), but when they're having a harmless good time--some pet parents let them go for it! 

This is exactly what TikTok user and cat mom @nat.long did when she caught her fur baby Ollie having the time of his life. Not only had he gotten into his bag of catnip, but he was rolling around in it too! He was having an absolute field day even after he was busted by Mom, and now all of TikTok is, too.

We want in on that party! Ollie is having a blast, and we just can't get enough. No wonder Nat sat back to enjoy the show! At this point, we're just grateful she posted this on TikTok for us all to get a laugh over, too. 

"That cat is probably seeing sounds," commented @kaitlynxfisher. LOL! Synesthesia is an absolute trip, and definitely an effect of some substances, but research hasn't shown that cats experience this with catnip. In fact, some cats don't feel anything at all!

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Clearly, Ollie is not one of those cats. He s a big fan of this treat if he'd go to the trouble to open a bag. Nat may want to take a hint from @codynanook. "I had to start buying jars because my cats would find the bag and do the same thing," they said. See, now that's a smart move! Still, we're so glad Ollie--and his mama--got to have this euphoric moment.

"Such an awesome thing to do," wrote @darksire. "Damage is already done, might as well let him enjoy yourself." You're so right! If the mess is already made, what is there to lose? It will, without a doubt, be a core memory for them both.

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