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Cat's Way of Totally Ruining Mom's Nap Is Just So Relatable

Picture this: you've had a rough busy week. You are maybe functioning on less than eight hours of sleep a night. You finally give in and get all curled up and ready to take a cat nap (See what we did there?) and it is interrupted in an extremely obnoxious way. Welcome to cat ownership! 

Just check out this video that @Teddywiththumbs posted of their gorgeous Maine Coon after the cat had the nerve to wake up mom even after she woke up at 4 a.m to feed him! It's hilariously filled with nerve!

That's just so typical! None of us would ever interrupt our cat's naps to start cleaning ourselves! Next time our cat is sleeping we are hauling it into the bathroom while we take a shower! @DevinLambrechts is also not a big fan of the loud booty bath time, posting "I cant handle that! I always chase my cats out of the room!"@RonjaPyattcho has a cat who loves cleaning the laundry, and they post "One of my cats licks the bed sheets whenever I try to sleep." LOL! 

On the bragging front, @Lc95 posts, "I have the best cat luck. She doesn’t do this, doesn’t get late night zoomies, and sleeps in the bed with me and my partner off and on at night!" Well, la dee dah there, fancy pants! LOL. Listen, even though a lot of our cats have really bad habits when we are finally trying to get some shut-eye, we wouldn't trade them for the world. At least not this week. 

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