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Cat Epically Ruins Pianist's Audition Tape in Hilarious Video

Cats may always land on their feet (supposedly), but that doesn't mean they land where they're supposed to. Siamese cat Milo recently gave TikTok the perfect example of this when he interrupted his owner's piano audition tape. It may have ruined the take--and briefly upset his pianist Dad--but Milo's accident is the purrfect recipe for a viral'll see!

For @celcius_music, who uploaded the hilarious clip, posting his cat on his account is a rare occurrence. At least, it used to be! Hopefully, now that Milo reached TikTok stardom, we'll be seeing a lot more of him on the app! Get a load of his debut performance! 

Oh, Milo! Everything about the little slip is so funny and relatable, especially the attempt at a quick recovery. We'd be lying if we said we hadn't done that, too! Needless to say, this silly moment resonated with many commenters, whether they relate to the sleepy feline or to his owner. 

"Would have been a baller audition tape if you kept going," wrote @neuroscienceandyou. "Show must go on!" As difficult as it would be to ignore Milo's hilarious interruption, we can't help but agree. 

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We loved @scoobydude92's suggestion, too. "Definitely add it as a blooper at the end of the audition tape with your information over the top" they commented. "They'll remember you!" We know we'll certainly remember, so you're probably right! At the very least--like @megturney said--"he turned your audition take into a perfect TikTok. You’re welcome." So true!

We can only imagine Milo's dad's frustration after having his audition tape interrupted--especially when he was really giving it his all--but even he couldn't stay mad at the cat for long. "Awww he didn’t mean to 🥺," @childish_latino said. He really didn't, and @celcius_music even replied, "I gave him some treats after because I felt so bad." Aw, we're sure Milo forgave you!

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