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Cat's Sad Reaction to Mom Leaving the House Is Just Pitiful

As pet owners, we always want to bring our fur babies with us when we leave the house. We take them out as often as possible, but we aren't able to bring them with us everywhere we go. One woman left her cat behind to run an errand, and the cat's reaction is pitiful.

TikTok user @eliethehallwaycat recently shared a video of their calico cat, Elie, watching her mom leave the house. In the video, Elie can't believe her mom left her home alone, and her reaction makes us want to never leave our pets alone again! Check out the video to see what Elie did that tugged at our heartstrings.

Awww, poor kitty! Elie was so sad that her mom left her at home, and she even went over to the door to see if she could follow her mom so she wouldn't be alone. Elie's mom better have given her a lot of treats and cuddles when she got home!

People in the comments shared that they always feel guilty when they leave their pets at home. @sash_d93 said, "Every time I leave my house too. I can’t be gone for too long because I feel so bad for my kitties." Another user, @dd4229, commented, "I always say I will be right back, even if I am going to be gone all day." It's important to gently talk to your kitty before leaving so they know you'll come back!

Others made some lighthearted jokes about Elie's attempt to go after her mom. @malak0393 commented, "The cat just wanted to ask if you have money with you," and @salah.anis said, "The cat just want to tell that you forget your phone." We wish our cats could let us know what we need every time we leave the house!

We know Elie must have been relieved when her momma finally came home later that day. To avoid heartbreaking moments like this, we think her mom should get a cat backpack to carry Elie in all day so they're never separated!

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