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Woman's Warning About Cat Safety in Winter Is One We Should All Heed

As the colder months roll around, people aren't the only ones seeking shelter from the elements. Even milder climates can get chilly enough for local animals to venture into places they shouldn't, like cars, garages, or even your home. That's why it's more important than ever to double-check for stowaways before going about your day.

Due to their multitude of moving parts, cars are especially dangerous hiding spots for cats. Luckily, helpful samaritans like TikTok user @az_cat_lady are spreading the word about an easy way to make sure everyone stays safe and sound.

This is such a simple yet effective way to keep kitties in mind this winter, and we're so glad that @az_cat_lady made a video to share the idea. It goes to show how easy it is to be compassionate--even to animals!

"I feel so bad for cats who have to stay out in the cold," wrote commenter @pinkfreud62. "My girl stays safe inside all the time." We're sure she appreciates that so much! Even though some cats enjoy being outdoors sometimes, being forced to brave the elements is an unimaginable hardship. No wonder cats find their way into cars!

We had the exact same question as @juniper_leery, who asked, "wait but how do they get in there to begin with?" Cats can fit into the tiniest of openings! @E_bee11 responded, "you know how when you open the hood of your car you can see the ground through the gaps? That’s how they get in." Makes sense to us! 

Several other commenters told their own stories of cats seeking shelter in their cars, so this must be a more common occurrence than we thought. We're definitely going to get in the habit of knocking on the car hood!

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