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Video of Cat Saying a Final Goodbye to Family's Golden Retriever Has Us Sobbing

Most pet owners will likely outlive their furry companions, and all pet owners expect that one day, they will likely have to say a final goodbye to their beloved pets. What we often overlook is the impact a pet's death can have on other pets in the household.

Recently, @sueblu posted a heartbreaking video on TikTok of her cat, Bubba, saying goodbye to her 14-year old Golden Retriever, Abbey, the night before they laid her to rest. In the caption of the video, their mom said that Bubba thought Abbey was his mother, and you can tell they have such a special bond. Bubba's efforts to comfort his surrogate mother are so moving. Witness their loving goodbye in the video that is sure to make you cry.

Don't mind us, we're just drowning in a puddle of our tears. It is so sad yet sweet how Bubba cuddled up to Abbey as she took labored breaths. We know Abbey appreciated the love from her long-time companion.

The comments on the video are full of people offering their condolences and acknowledging how difficult this will be for Bubba. @lorihunter5475 commented, "That is the sweetest & saddest thing I’ve ever seen. The cat is so in love with her. So sorry for your loss," and @fdipas85 said, "I’m so sorry for you. I'm so happy your baby had such a good, dedicated friend to comfort them." Us animal lovers know how heartbreaking it is to deal with the death of a beloved pet.

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Perhaps @mrsmerc8605 summed up everyones feelings the best with her comment: "They bring us the best years of our lives but so much pain when they depart. We don’t have nearly enough time with our fur babies. So sorry." It is truly so unfair that our pets live such short lives compared to ours.

We hope Bubba and his owners were able to comfort each other after Abbey passed over the rainbow bridge.

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