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Video of Cat Clearly Saying the Word 'Hello' Is Going Viral

All animal lovers talk to their pets, and people who don't have any pets probably think we're a little bit crazy for doing this. However, any pet owner will tell you that our animals communicate with us too. It may sound absurd, but one woman captured a video of her cat clearly speaking to her as proof.

TikTok user @lifeoflilybb recently shared a video of her orange cat, Charlie. In the video, Charlie enters the bathroom while his mom is in the bath, and his mom says hello. Charlie pauses for a moment before saying "hello" back to her! You can clearly hear his British accent, which makes this video even more adorable! Check out the video to hear Charlie say "hello" to his momma just like a human.

OMG, this is so awesome, we can totally understand why this video is going viral. We even watched it on repeat because it was just so endearing to hear Charlie speak!

People in the comments can't believe how cute this video is. @randypersaud31 said, "Awww, the sweetest voice ever," and @glasgow24 commented, "Too cute. I love cats, they're so much fun and so loving. Best thing I did is get my kitty." We love when awesome videos like this remind us how much we love our feline friends!

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Others think Charlie is a very smart kitty! @joeypott4r commented, "Cats are so clever. They can also mimic bird song to temp them from the trees." Another user, @bloccbaby.a, said Charlie is "so well spoken." This cat definitely has a intelligent head on his shoulders!

We love moments like this where we can clearly recognize the impact we have had on our pets. Not only did this kitty learn to say hello from his mom, but he even said it in her accent. Such a lovely testament to the bond between a pet and their owner!

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