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Cat's Special Way of Telling Owners He's Hungry Is Cracking People Up

When humans are hungry, they usually rub their bellies (or maybe they whine just a bit). But when your pet is hungry, that’s a whole other case. Some animals bark or meow to let you know their belly is aching, while others have come up with their own way of saying FEED ME. Just like Kepler the cat, whose method of asking to eat has won him fans online.

You might think you get cranky when you’re hungry, but that’s nothing like what Kepler does. Video of the black and white cat “chewing the cud” (as his parents call it) has taken the internet by storm and that’s because of the unique facial expression he makes right before mealtime. “Vet says he’s fine!” his owner @stephengeorg wrote in the video’s onscreen text. “Just a weird habit he picked up in the last few years.”

 Kepler’s quirky habit has people on TikTok roaring with laughter. “Look! This is what I want to be doing!” @chernobylresident joked. “That’s the cutest way to say ‘I’m hungry,’” @crystal.cos commented. “He's just being dramatic. ‘I only have air to eat,’” @retroira wrote of the little diva. “The way cats try to communicate with humans is phenomenal,” @snuwolf chimed in.

While other people shared the funny things their cats do to let them know they’re hungry. “My cat just aggressively rubs his face on his food container and takes glances at me to make sure I’m looking at him, cats are so cute,” @goobert_the_gay shared. “My cat does this next to things she wants to chew on but isn’t allowed to,” @cava141.80 added. “Aww. Mine just vomits,” @renime89 mused.

Later, Kepler's owner explained that the cat stops "as soon as he’s fed." Which makes sense. You can't move too much when you have a full stomach.