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Siberian Cat's 'Beef' With Owners' New Couch Is Too Fitting

Ask any cat owner who also owns furniture and they will tell you, the struggle is too real. Even the most well-behaved cats who have access to the fanciest scratching posts and cat trees can suddenly revert to using your sofa as their own personal scratching post. 

That why this video posted by TikTok user @NimbusSiberian is all too relatable, especially to all of us cat owners. Just watch and see if this looks familiar to you. 

Of course it's a brand new couch! LOL, cats.  So predictable. @Aquacheese posts, "That’s his couch now." @Steps comments, "Tell me you're a cat person without telling me you're a cat person - *Looks at the couch* " LOL. We also love how he's growling as he's playing. @Amberlynn adds, "Omg I’m so sorry. We have this couch and it is DESTROYED. The cats love the material. RIP KIVIK." 

Someone in the comments suggests adding things for the cat to scratch her nails on, which Nimbus's mom states she has plenty of. Here are plenty of helpful tips for cat owners looking to save their furniture. Or, you know, make your cat get a job and buy a new sofa. 

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