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Mom Shows Cat Things in the House She's 'Never Seen Before' and Her Reaction Is Everything

Cats are such inquisitive creatures! They are also prone to get into everything (Shopping bags, bathtubs, lizard cages) and anyone who has a pet cat can tell you they can spend hours looking out the window or even at their own reflection. 

We may think our cats have seen it all and are familiar with every nook and cranny of their houses, but this hysterical video proves otherwise. 

It's a cat tour 2022 LOL! @Rorocat took beautiful RoRo on tour and showed her things she may have missed in the house and the look on her face is priceless. "Oh, we have a wine refrigerator?" she seems to be saying. 

People commenting on this post are here for it! @KC posts "I can tell she truly appreciated the work of art." @Kellen asks "Is she appreciating or judging the wine choices?" @user3483310695831 adds "She looks genuinely interested and inspired. So adorable." 

Everyone should do this with their own cats and film it! Now, if you'll excuse us, we need to go show our cats the laundry basket and paper towel holders!

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