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Cat's Reaction to Seeing Snow for the First Time Is Too Sweet

Even for folks who live in areas that get snow on the regular, the winter's first snowfall is a magical occasion. Would you be surprised to learn that cats are no different? For Tripp, half of the feline duo behind @tripp.n.moo, watching the snow fall from his perch near the window is a dream come true.

TikTok is falling head-over-heels for the adorable kitty, and it's easy to see why. From the delicate white powder to the cat's excited reaction--it's a core memory in the making!

How sweet is this? We just love Tripp's genuine curiosity and the way he paws at the window. No wonder his fans, both new and old, are obsessed with this scene.

"This is really sweet!" noticed commenter @susanmiller927. "An innocent moment!" That's exactly what we were thinking, too. It reminds us of a child exploring a new environment for the first time, which is about as sweet as it can get. 

We feel exactly like @ladyofthe4shadow, who wrote, "OMG, that just warmed my heart." How could it not? Tripp's curiosity is oh-so-sweet, and the snow makes the whole scene cozy AF. 

Of course, some pet parents are suggesting ways to make Tripp's first snow even more special. @Sunnflower_childd recommended, "open the window for him or take him outside and hold him. I danced with my boy in the snow." How sweet is that? If this adorable kitty loves watching the snow, we can only imagine what he'll do when he feels it on his fur!

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