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Cat’s Stunned Reaction to Seeing a Bear in the Yard Is Totally Priceless

We tend to think cats are fearless animals. They're always jumping to crazy heights, running the show at their home and demanding independence. So it's very rare to see a cat scared. But there must've been a reason why the term 'scaredy-cat' started in the first place, right?  We're thinking it came from an instance similar to what TikTok user @ashlea.touville and her cat experienced recently.

One day, this cat mama was looking outside her window when she noticed an unexpected guest in the yard. A big bear! She grabbed her camera to start filming, even though she said her heart was beating out of her chest. (Ours would have done the same!) At first, the bear was just hanging out, but he must’ve been hungry because he started going after the bird feeder. She couldn’t believe it. And clearly, neither could her cat. His reaction is exactly what we did while watching this clip! Guess that makes us a scaredy-cat too!

Holy moly! That’s such a cool, yet terrifying, thing to witness! We’re so glad she turned the camera to capture her cat’s reaction because it’s perfect. LOL! His eyes were popping out of his head. He’s just absolutely stunned that there is a creature like this in his yard.

TikTok users are commented on what was probably going through that cat's mind. @Celestialfae wrote, "Are you going to do something about this?!?" LOL! He was annoyed the bear was going after the bird food because no bird food = no birdies to watch! "He's like, 'Are you seeing the same thing I’m seeing?'” added @Samantha Fosnot. Complete shock and awe. He's probably never seen anything like this before!

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The funny part about this cat’s reaction is that he most definitely won’t want to go outside anymore. @poetfederico said, “And just like that I choose to be an indoor cat!” HA! No more trying to escape when the door is opened. That cat is staying put.

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