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Cat's Reaction to Seeing Her 'Ex-Boyfriend' Has Us Laughing Out Loud

No one wants to unexpectedly run into their ex-boyfriend because surprises like this can bring up bad memories that we'd rather leave in the past. When these encounters happen, things usually don't end peacefully, just like these two cats are showing us in this viral video.

TikTok user @nanoosontheloose recently shared a video of her orange cat, Nanoos, laying on the couch when her ex-boyfriend walks in! Nanoos was not happy, so check out the video to see what went down between these former feline lovers.

OMG, things got quite heated between the two cats! We have to wonder what Nanoos's ex-boyfriend did to evoke such a harsh response from Nanoos.

People in the comments are itching to find out the story behind this breakup. @shiro_okamio said, "What did they break up about because it looks hella serious?" and @danielswife4l commented, "I need the details behind the break up." We want to hear all of the juicy gossip about this failed relationship!

Others were defending Nanoos for fighting her ex-boyfriend. @raphaelkhouri commented, "He hit her first! He's all red flags disguised as cute meows," and @christynunez said, "He’s too chill, he’s guilty." It seems like Nanoos's ex caused a lot of pain in their relationship!

These two cats had the funniest encounter that many of us can relate to, but we're glad Nanoos is standing up for herself now! We know she'll find a new boyfriend to treat her right.

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