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Cat Has Absolutely Priceless Reaction to Seeing Her Likeness on a Poster

Normally, when animals are scared to go to the vet it's because they don't want to get a shot or get their nails trimmed. This is understandable because most humans don't like going to the doctor either! But in a new TikTok video, one little cat is startled for a whole other reason.  

User @mialoustevens posted a clip of her gray cat slowly walking out of her crate at the vet, very confused on about what is on the wall. The caption on the video reads, "Took her to the vet and apparently this room was made for her." The video has reached over 2.7 million views and 612.2K likes. Wait until you see why this cat was feeling so skeptical.  

She glances at a giant poster of another cat that looks exactly like her! Talk about being shook! "Imagine going to the doctor and they have a giant poster of you. I’d be freaked too," wrote @Levi™, who is absolutely right! She's so stunned and unsure what to do next. But hey, we'd be just as confused! TikTok user @gorditasmith pointed out, "Representation is so important." Absolutely!  

We can't stop laughing at the comments that are quoting the hit show, Europhia. And honestly, it just fits this clip so perfectly! "You're confused? I'm freaking confused bro," @Dimez quoted and @Gisela Gaona added, "IS THIS PLAY ABOUT US???” Ha! Man, are people quick with comments! 

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The best part of this video is how the cat is even mimicking the poster. "She does the same exact position as the cat on the wall 🤣🤣," wrote @dbkay02elf0. We can't tell if she is amazed or confused, but @Nick Fasano put it best, "I think she’s figuring out how to sue bc she didn’t get any royalties." 

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