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'Creepy' Video of Cat Sensing Something Dangerous Is a Wake-Up Call

They say your pet sometimes has a sixth sense about things we can’t see, like predators or other wildlife. Yes, the idea is sort of terrifying, but for one man on TikTok, the idea probably saved his life. It was all thanks to his cat, who noticed something strange out in the distance while they were outside together. And now some people in the comments section are praising the kitty for knowing when to play things safe.

According to @kodiakthetravelcat, he was out on a walk with his cat Kodiak when something weird happened. “This is a little bit creepy,” the TikTok creator can be heard saying in the footage. “Kodi and I were just on a normal little walk when something really, really caught his attention in the woods. It’s very rare that he has this kind of attention that you cannot break him from what it is.” Watch what happens when the cat got totally spooked.

It’s not clear what was out there, but some of the nearly 1.4 million viewers who watched the video had some ideas about what Kodi could've seen. “Maybe a hawk or mountain lion, bear??? Cats have awesome eyesight,” @jessiezo suggested. “Mountain lions for sure, the fact that you didn't hear or see anything helps boost this,” @kee420 added. “Prob mountain lion,” @amandaoffgrid agreed. “It’s rare they’ll let you see them… a black bear mighta just wandered out after you left.”

And other people praised Kodiak for tipping his dad off that they needed to get out of there — ASAP. “Smart cat is keeping you safe,” @izzy_survives wrote. “I’m not sure, but the fact that he ran from it, is a good indication that y’all should’ve left,” @sweetz926 chimed in. And a third commenter dropped some knowledge that was actually pretty wise. “Ancient Egyptians said dogs protect us from the things we can see, cats protect us from the things we can't,” @danniicorbitt explained.

We guess we’ll never really know what it was that Kodiak saw. But the video is a good lesson for anyone who likes to hike or camp to always, always, be aware of your surroundings.