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Cat Hilariously 'Settles' for Dad's Lap Since Mom Is Out in Viral Video

Leave it up to pets to make it very clear who's the favorite--especially cats, who can be rather straightforward. Honestly, it can be rather funny to see an animal's different reactions to their family members, but we don't blame you if it feels a little frustrating. Who wouldn't want to be the favorite?

Thankfully, this viral video is one of those funnier moments, though Aurora the gray tabby cat wasn't happy about it. In the clip from her TikTok account,, the grumpy girl begrudgingly sits with her dad while her mom is away. It's not her first choice, but it'll do. Just wait until you see the look no her face.

LOL--Aurora does not look like she's enjoying herself. We wish we could see her dad's face to get his reaction, too, but honestly, her face says it all. There's no hiding what you're feeling with this unhappy cat

"I’ve never seen her so grumpy 😭," wrote @delilahanddecklyn, one of Aurora (AKA Roro)'s followers. Even if this is the first time you've seen a video of this cat, though, there's no mistaking what she's thinking. @Yourbigsisnissi said it word-for-word in the comments: "'“Fine. This will do 😡.'” Okay, Roro, whatever you say. 

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"Pets really do identify THE human vs the spare human," wrote @mintymint99. Exactly! Dad knows precisely where he stands, so this is undoubtedly no surprise to him. Even "the one paw on the couch in case she has to make a quick escape 😂," is just so telling. No wonder @shitstormtrooper had to leave a comment about it!

Our absolutely favorite reply from a viewer came from @simplesandwhich. She said, "the most cat part of this is that they put themselves in this position and they are still irate," and when we tell you we're still LOL-ing, that's no exaggeration! After seeing Roro so grumpy to be with her Daddy, how could you not be at least smiling?

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