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Precious Video of Cat Showering Little Boy With Love Has Us in Our Feelings

The relationship between kids and animals is so special and unique. They just get each other! Just like in a video shared on TikTok by Ruthie Hagmann (@ruthhagmann) which shows her son and her cat Harry having a cute moment together. Their love for each other is so pure!

Harry and the boy can always be found having a cuddle. So it shouldn't have been a surprise that in the now-viral video, these two were totally loving up on each other.

"Howww did I just catch this perfect moment on camera?" Hagmann asked in the video's caption.  It definitely was a once-in-a-lifetime clip. We just love that this little guy was in his pajamas. It has us convinced that this happened right after he woke up and that these are his good morning kisses. 

With over 405,000 views, people online thought the clip was so, so precious. "I am convinced. Orange cats are the BEST. Ginger kitties forever. My ginger boy is an angel on Earth," @sweet.pea818 wrote in the comments section. "I love the look on your son's face. He knew also it was a special moment," @rachelpayne1962 added. "My orange baby passed away two weeks ago, I’m sobbing, what a sweet moment, I couldn’t wait for a moment like this in the future," @saaammiee_  shared. "Everything about this video is making me [tearing] up. The boy, the cat, the pure love, the flower pjs, music, EVERYTHING," @cooper_casanova_ chimed in. 

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We totally agree with that last commenter. There is nothing about this video that we don't like. We're sure this mama is going to get so many more videos of her son and his pet spending time together. What a wonderful way to grow up!

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