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Proud Mama Cat Shows Off Babies to Her Human Dad in Precious Video

Getting a mama cat to trust you with her babies is dang near impossible. Actually, any animal mama for that matter! They’re protective. Human moms are also protective but in a different way. For us, family members take turns holding the new little baby, passing him or her around like a new prize. It’s very different from animal mamas who barely let even the father come near sometimes! But one cat mama felt differently about her human dad.

TikTok user @courtneryhasalotofcats captured such a beautiful video of one of her cats. The cat recently became a mom and so she wanted to show off the creatures she created. But she can’t just show them to anyone. It has to be someone she trusts. Surprisingly enough, that person was her human dad. She brought over her little kittens to him while he was on the couch. Our words can't do this justice. You'll just have to watch to see the full extent of the cuteness! 

AW! So precious! We can't believe she brought her little babies over to stay with her human dad. That is some serious trust right there! Not only did she bring them over to show them off, but she also let him hold them. They were all snuggling together on the couch like one big happy family.

This can only mean one thing, “Daddy is now the official babysitter,” wrote @Donna Davies. LOL! Little does he know what this honor comes with. “It takes a village to raise babies, so your turn now 😂,” joked @Carmen Tang33. Momma needs a break! This mom was probably thinking what @jeffnykolyshyn Barney wrote, “Yep, his problem now I’m going out.” HA! 

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Now, can this human dad shed some light on how other cat parents can gain trust from cat mamas?! Because we're sure everyone wants to be in his shoes! 

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