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Cat Siblings' Hilariously Different Reactions to a 'Skeleton' Cat Decoration Make Us LOL

It's either you love Halloween or you hate it. There's no in-between. And believe it or not, animals have the same feelings about Halloween. Some are all for the spook and others would rather hibernate for the season. 

TikTok user @roswellandleela wanted to see what the family's two cats thought about Halloween and well, their opinions couldn't be any more different. The owner set up a cat's skeleton and let the two Donskoy cats investigate. You'll be LOLing at the reactions! 

O.M.G. They seriously had two completely different reactions. Roswell was so excited to have a new cat in the house. But Leela on the other hand wanted anything other than that skeleton. LOL! Sounds just like kids if you ask us!

@daisies.oasis wrote, "Roswell was like, 'Oh you don't have skin? I have no fur. Must befriend 😸.'" He didn't care that the skeleton was fleshless. LOL! They clicked within seconds. Besties! "I will not rest until Rosewell and Skeleton cat have a podcast called Skin & Bones," added @naughttoosweet. HA! We would listen to that podcast every single day. We bet they have some stories to tell! 

We do feel bad for Leela though because we also get scared during the Halloween season. "The other cats like, 'I choose violence!!!'” commented @eudorafoster. It's not her fault though! She was scared of the unusual cat skeleton in the house. She was just protecting herself! LOL! 


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