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Video of Cat 'Singing the Blues' Is So Good People Can't Believe It

Are our pets getting too smart for us? Because every time we get on TikTok, there is always another video of someone's pet doing something we would have never imagined. From playing hide-n-seek and learning how to use the potty bell, to talking birds, and now a blues-singing cat? Nothing surprises us anymore! 

TikTok account @animalparadise26 reposts clips of cats that we can't stop watching! One of the new videos, with an unknown original creator, has reached over 2.8 million views and over 711K likes. The creator is sitting in his chair playing a blues song with the cat following along in the back. He then snaps his fingers and the cat perfectly meows on cue, and it's just absolutely incredible! Trust us, you'll want to turn your sound up to hear this!

This song is about to play in the background all day while we work! And it sounds like we aren't the only ones who will be playing it on repeat. @Emily Wilder said, "I listened to this for probably an hour. Well done." Only an hour?! @Shawn Brooks added, "I'd come see y'all play at a club." Seriously, when do y'all go on tour?! Or at least tell us when the album is ready! "Albums gonna sell out in 5 min," wrote another user.

The rendition of the song is so catchy that TikTok users can't stop singing in the comments! @Urtypicalwanderer commented, "The first one sounded a little swingy!!🤩." Well, this is a professionally-trained performer! "He or she knows something about the bluessss 🎶🎤," said @Stinky Kitty. 

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We're fans of what @Just me has named this cat. @Just me said, "Ladies & gentlemen that was, 'I’ve got the hair ball blues” by Skitty Scat.'" Skitty Scat. We can see that on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! 

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