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Gorgeous Cat's Unique Way of Sitting Is Such a Trip

@TikTok account @FallonMagnus has been trying desperately to get their gorgeous cat Fred to show everyone what a champion sitter he is on video. This exercise has proven futile, until now. Now is the time we get to behold Fred in all of his distinguished gentlemen's glory! Everything is an A+! The stance, the posture.. 

Just watch this hilarious video and prepare to give Fred a big round of applause, or in  a more proper fashion, some sincere and mannered golf claps. 

Tah-dah! Fred actually is amazing. We love him and the cute way he sits like a little hoooman. @Letty comments, "Well , look at this distinguished gentleman. Look at the way he's sitting. Yes very distinguished hmmm.." Indeed he is! @Dengard adds, “We might have to sell your leg photos.” LOL.@J_G adds, "That cat sits like it's waiting for its date to finish getting dressed!" 

Some armchair wanna-bee veterinarians in the comments suggest getting Fred checked out for arthritis, but not to worry, Fred is just fine. He's just classy and distinguished and a total pro at sitting down. We just love this guy! 

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