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Man Shares Texts Sent From His Cat Sitter and They're Nothing Short of Epic

Any parent who leaves their little ones with a sitter is going to worry. Pet parents are the same way too. We totally get why. Fur babies or not, they're a parent's whole world world and you just want to make sure they are taken care of. So like us, you might overly check in and ask how your fur baby is doing. But instead of constantly asking, it's time to get a pet sitter who does what we see in this clip. 

TikTok kitty @ricothefold's owner had to leave him with the sitter. Honestly, they lucked out on what might be the best cat sitter ever. They received frequent texts from the cat sitter who updated them on how the cat was doing and what they were up to. Let's just say these are the best updates we've ever seen in our life. This cat sitter needs a raise ASAP! 

O.M.G. This is absolutely incredible! The cat sitter went all out providing the owners with the best updates. It looked like the cat was having the time of his life! "First of all, cute kitty!!!! But secondly, omg amazing cat sitter 🏆," wrote @laurasfosterfloofs. Other pet sitters out there need to step up their game!

"It's gonna be hard to maintain his standard of living after this," said @evequeue. Ha! He's going to be used to living the life of luxury from fancy dinners and shopping. These owners better continue doing this for him. LOL! 

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Another TikTok user, @Heatheretteb, commented, "Nothing better than knowing someone is enjoying time with your cat while you’re away." Right?! It eases any stress you might've had previously. But it's got us wondering... "Should I be doing this when I pet sit???" asked @shandroids. Seriously though, is this the new requirement? LOL! We don't mind if it is because we'll happily do it!

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