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Video of Cat Chilling Outside in Her Stroller Is a Total Vibe

As we settle into the second half of the year, every last moment of sunlight is up for grabs. Whether it's a stroll around the neighborhood or just some sunbathing in the backyard, even just a few minutes outdoors can be oh-so-nice during the summer months. 

Just ask, @hairika88, whose kitty knows this firsthand. Her fur baby loves the sun so much, in fact, that she asks her mom to let her out in her stroller! Georgia the tortoiseshell cat is an absolute sun baby, and we're living for it. Clearly, so is TikTok--they simply adore her! 

This is the most chill and chatty cat we've ever seen, and we love her just as much as the half a million people who have seen the clip already. How could you not?

"Protec the kitty 🥰," wrote commenter @yapatche--exactly! This cat mama found a great way to keep her baby safe and sound while enjoying the sunlight and fresh air. No wonder Georgia loves it so much! 

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Though a few commenters didn't agree with this method, @hairika88 won't be swayed by the haters. "We’ve let her free roam & she has gotten a bacterial infection which was horrible," she explained. "She’s an indoor cat & we have neighbors with big dogs & she’s gotten through the fence." What a little troublemaker Georgia is! It sounds like she's not the only one saving time, trouble, and potential injury by staying in her stroller.

"I'm so getting one of these," @spamkmlglmd. "/: However I have 4! How ridiculous would 4 strollers be 😂😂😂😂." LOL! Now that's a sight we'd love to see. And it was all inspired by Georgia and her mama! 

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