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Where Cats Sleep Speaks Volumes About Their Relationship With Their Humans

We all love funny cat videos with cats just being their adorable, derpy selves but sometimes we come across a video that not only features cute cats, but also teaches us something too. That's why we love the video TikTok user @Gatofather posted because it's just so interesting! 

Does your cat sleep in bed with you? If so, you're gonna wanna check this out! 

We had no idea that the way your cat sleeps with you has meaning. This is just so cool. Some cat owners are taking issue with all of this, with @Zuleika Berrios posting, "I am NOT my cat's belonging!" Loooool, don't tell your cat that! @AnaMartinez comments, "I’m his mom, his kitten, his possession and live in his house rent free." @Ogkeeka posts, "My cat does all three but he’s a stage 5 clinger soooo...." 

Now we all have to pay attention the next time it's time for bed to see where our cats end up. There's just no wrong answer really. All we know is there's nothing like going to sleep with a purring, warm fluffball by our sides! 

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