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Video Explaining the Meaning Behind Cats' Sleeping Positions Is So Fascinating

We're sure it's crossed your mind a time or two about what happens when your pets are fast asleep. How much rest do they really get? Are they dreaming? If so, what are they dreaming about? But have you ever thought about why they might be sleeping in a certain position? Because believe it or not, those different sleeping positions hold a lot of meaning.   

TikTok user @delilahanddecklyn dove into those different sleeping habits, specifically for cats, and what they mean. It's a very informative video and as it turns out, those positions say a lot about the cat's personality. Plus, it's interesting to see what your cat might be feeling while they're trying to catch some Zzzs. Watch to see if your cat falls into one of these categories or if you disagree with it completely!

Wow, this is so interesting! We never knew a sleeping position could reveal so much insight. But we're so glad we know now! The next time our cats get to sleep, we'll keep a close eye out on the position. That way we'll be able to make sure they're feeling comfortable for a safe and sound slumber.

"Omgg my little guy is often belly up or stretched out on his side while I work! I'm happy he knows he's safe!" wrote @u530777389. Aww! What a great feeling to know that even when you're stuck working at your computer, your furry friend is feeling safe. This is what we're striving for when it comes to our cats sleeping! "My cat somehow manages to sleep in all the positions simultaneously 😳," said @sisshi. LOL! Maybe that cat is feeling all the emotions at once! 

Although, some TikTokers are disagreeing with what this video is saying, especially about cats sleeping in boxes or containers. @1080pbrazzers commented, "If you put a box on the floor, my cat will be in it whenever she finds it." LOL! Many cats do this. What do you think a cat sleeping in a box means?