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Video of Cat Snuggling with Baby Is Too Cute to Handle

Cats typically have a love-hate relationship with us. Sometimes they'll be snuggling with us, all lovey-dovey. But then there are times when cats don't want anything to do with us and they'll hide away somewhere in what they believe is their castle. There's really no in-between with cats. You're considered lucky if a cat approves of you being around them. So if they do, you're what we like to call the chosen one.

In all of our years, we've never seen a chosen one be so young. Normally to get on a cat's good side, you have to cultivate a relationship with the cat. You have to gain their trust. But TikTok @pagiemama has captured a moment that shows cats can also rely on their intuition. The video she posted shows her black cat loving up on her baby. Based on what the cat does with the baby, you can tell they're going to be besties forever! 

O.M.G. We can't handle this! The cat wouldn't stop rubbing his head against the baby's head. The love was pouring out between these two! And we're actually very jealous Maybe one day that will be us with a cat! But also, we think the cat approving of the baby so quickly can only mean one of two things. They're going to be BFFs or the cat is recruiting her to take over the house. LOL! 

"Baby's like, 'Ummmm what do I do here!!'😂," said @im_me_always. Ha! Even a little baby couldn't believe the cat was giving her love and affection. @user1346217976638 added, "Baby is like 'OMG I've been chosen' 🤗." How lucky is this baby! A cat choosing anyone is rare indeed. She should cherish it for as long as possible! 

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"That's his human now. He claimed her," commented @sericared. LOL! We believe that! And truly, that's his human. Check out how they interact with a more recent clip.

Stop it!! This is true love and a bond that will only get stronger each day. The creator wrote in the comments, "Wow, the cat/baby community is thriving on TikTok! Can’t believe this got so many views. Her twin sister will be jealous, and so will our other kitty!" They aren't the only ones who are jealous! 

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