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People Think This Cat Sounds Just Like Alexis From 'Schitt's Creek'

Are you a huge Schitt's Creek fan like the rest of us (or have you been living under a rock for the past two years)? If so, get ready for the best TikTok you'll see all day, if not all year. You guys? A user named @alb.inwonderland shared a video of her cat yesterday, and people are going crazy over how much her little meow sounds more than "a little bit" like Alexis Rose.

With 260,000 views, the clip isn't viral yet, which is honestly the shock of the century, given how great it is. Captioned with, "She's a little bit single, even when she's not," you seriously won't be able to un-hear Alexis in your head after you get a load of this cat. May we present, Alexis's cat alter-ego.

OMG! Uncanny, right? This was totally our reaction, and we're guessing it would be Alexis's response, too.

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Schitt's Creek lovers are having a field day with this cat in the comments. One user, @dankarts, started the party off with, "MEOW DAVID." @Katie added, "This is totally Alexis’s 'mmhmm.'" And @Main Street Books Monroe WA chimed in with, "I'm a little bit hungry, even when I'm not." LOL! 

If there were ever a video that perfectly captured Alexis in animal form, this is definitely it. Of course, a few people had to try and crash the festivities by insisting the cat sounds more like Kim or Kourtney Kardashian, but we beg to differ. This sweet gal is 100 percent Alexis, through and through.

Here's one more video of this cute kitty showing off her acting chops.

Now, if only we could find her a feline friend that sounds exactly like Moira, this kitty could have a traveling road act.

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