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Adorable Orange Cat 'Lives Out His Dream' of Being a Fire Siren in Cute Video

You've all heard the cliche about calling the firemen to rescue the cat out of a tree but what if it's the cat who wants to be the fireman? Or.. the fire truck? Or.. the fire siren? Listen, we all have dreams and who are we to tell this adorable cat owned by TikTok user @Juicetheorangecat that they can't be a siren if they want to? 

Just watch this hilarious video and you'll be saying "Juice! You're hired as the new fire alarm!"

This is just too funny. @Richjones posts, "He's persuading other cats to come down from the trees." @Alice says, "I cannot describe how much I love this cat and his screams." He's scream-y alright. He's a professional. @Legalboxers comments, "Meow!! Fire Kittah! Better than a Fire Dog!" Right? Who needs a Dalmatian when we have Juice? 

This funny video has over 75 thousand likes so it's safe to say that people are digging Juice's siren routine. Now we just need to get him a little fire hat and a hose and he'll be all set! 

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