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Cat Has the Pur-fect Spa Day and People Are Jealous

Some people like to live the good life; whether that be fancy dinners or special treats. For a cat named Sonya, it's time at the spa that really helps her *recharge* her batteries. And TBH, we're envious that we aren't pampered like Sonya is. 

You might not even remember the last time you had five minutes to yourself, but Sonya's big day at the "spa" (aka, her human's house) was recorded and shared on her TikTok page @sonyakisa8. "Spa day for Sonya," the video's caption states. The footage itself showcases the kitty going through several "treatments," including getting her claws cut (a mani-pedi, if you will), a good brushing, and even a good teeth cleaning to keep her pearly whites looking fresh. Sonya seems to be really loving her visit to the spa and the look on her face is positively everything. 

The comments section was all about Sonya getting a little rest and relaxation. "Cat’s living better life than me," @hadila2020 teased. "That is a really spoiled cat," @ashleyhomestore._ashxp joked. "Lol I love this and I'm a dog person," @deliarodriguez1964 added. 

Although other cat owners seemed confused as to how on earth Sonya's owner got her to sit still. "My cat would’ve attacked me into another universe," @anahiartistryyy wrote. "Ok, I try this with my cat I’m getting killed," @royale_leo0 agreed. "My cat would choose murder," @deep.n.thoughts chimed in. 

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Okay, so maybe this is less of a how-to video and more of an aspirational one. But it still stands as one of the cutest trips to the spa that we've ever seen. Although we think that next time, Sonya deserves to get a teeny, tiny face mask. You know, to get her whiskers nice and clean.

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