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Cat's Annoyance Over Dad Being in Her 'Special Spot' Is Just Epic

Everyone has their preferred seat in the house. It's the spot you like to settle in when the family is sitting around the tv for movie night or when everyone sits down for dinner at the end of the day. One pet had her special spot taken over by another family member, and the result is too good.

TikTok user recently shared a video of their cat, Aurora, staring daggers at her dad. According to the video, Aurora stares, unblinking, at her dad for 37 minutes because he is sitting in her spot on the couch. Check out the video to see this hilarious stare-down for yourself!

LOL, Aurora is furious at her dad for taking her spot on the couch. This kitty knows where she likes to sit, and she expects everyone else to know this and keep her spot available for her. She is going to have to have a serious talk with him later!

People in the comments are thinking this kitty is plotting some revenge. @alex02rt said, "Do you have casualty insurance?" and @jesly_101 commented, "That cat is going through a whole movie about how she’s going to take him out." This cat dad needs to sleep with one eye open from now on!

Others are sharing similar experiences they've had with their cats. @elizabethsilverbooks commented, "Oh dear. I, too, have a chunky gray tabby who does NOT APPROVE of anything that hasn’t been cleared with her first." Another user, @paigeee.lea said, "My cat does the same thing and looks just like yours!" Looks like there's quite a few kitties out there who run their households like Aurora does!

We just can't stop laughing at how serious this cat looks during this stare-down. We think Dad is going to have to dole out a lot of treats and head scratches to get Aurora's forgiveness! 

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