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Cat’s Precious Reaction to Seeing a Chipmunk Has People Obsessed

There’s no denying that cats love to look outside. They dream about chasing the birds that fly around, or they’re silently judging us humans walking by as they sit on their window thrown. They don’t even have to meow. Their eyes do all the talking. But on a few rare occasions, something outside the window gets them talking, and we’re here for it. 

For TikTok kitty @lunathelooneytune, it was a little critter that got her going. Luna, a Nebelung cat, was looking out the window when she noticed a chipmunk. Based on her reaction, she was instantly hooked. Her eyes widened and she stepped closer to the windowscreen. Instead of sitting silently, Luna was making her voice heard in the most adorable way ever! It’s like she was crying to say hello to a long-lost friend. People can’t get enough of her adorable meows!

Aww! We’ve never heard sounds like this from a cat before. It’s like she couldn’t believe what she was seeing and she just wanted to get outside! 

Her chirps sounded genuine like she wanted to greet a friend, but @Katja Karpoval pointed out to us that those noises probably meant much more. She wrote, "I read that cats make that sound out of frustration that they can’t catch the prey. My cat does it too when he sees reflections on the ceiling." LOL! So much for wanting to see a long-lost friend, Luna just wanted to catch the chipmunk. We're surprised she didn't try jumping through the window screen! Although, the creator did say she's tried before and was unsuccessful. Ha! 

“So it’s not just my cat who makes that noise,” said @Tara Tate. Several TikTok users have heard this sound come from their cats before. Sometimes it’s for birds, squirrels and flies, other times it’s just because they saw their reflection. Apparently, these sounds don’t come often, but when they do, they’re the cutest little noises. We could watch Luna watch the window all day long.