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Video of Cat Carefully 'Spying on the Neighbors' Has Us in Stitches

Cats don't need the same hands-on attention that dogs do, that's for sure. But that's probably because they're adept at entertaining themselves. Just take a look at one video on TikTok that shows a cat being a real snoop with the neighbors. We guess this is what they're really doing when we're not home.

According to the video on @snowy_thewhitefloof's TikTok page, the cat was caught peeping out the window. But Snowy's owner must've realized how funny it looked because they set the footage they took to a trending TikTok sound of a couple fighting. "Noise in the garden. Went to see what's going on but my cat beat me to it," the video's text overlay reads. 

"Need to know other’s people business," the caption reads.

Thankfully, we think the video was made all in good fun. But people in the comments section couldn't help but notice that the TikToker's cat looked absolutely ripped. "Jeez that cats in good shape," @mcrome123 wrote. "Can the cat please drop his back routine?" @vtrex171 asked. "Snowy, we need your workout routine," @carolajn_b joked. 

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To which his owner jokingly replied: "Sleep all day, zoomies all night."

While other people were just laughing at how nosy Snowy was. "Cat is gonna start vacuuming the yard to see what’s up," @alexa.brynn.404 teased. "My cat is nosey like that, she never misses anything," @michellejeancrook shared. "This is me anytime I hear some drama," @mudlblood kidded. "It’s the paw on the window frame for me," @user5956569312606 added. 

We really can't judge Snowy. Who amongst us doesn't love some guilty-pleasure reality TV? Your secret is safe with us, Snowy. 

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