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Video of Cat 'Stalking' Mom After Returning From Vacation Is Way Too Cute

Pets can get all kinds of anxious when they realize their humans are leaving. Some might pace around as owners pack their bags. And others might hide away while someone is house sitting them. They get so upset that even as owners return, they hold a grudge. Or in this case, they keep their owners on a tight leash. 

TikTok cat @teeny.kini recently experienced her owner going out of town without her. How rude?! So instead of pouting and ignoring her owner because she's so upset, this Persian Cat decided to watch her owner's every move. Some might call this 'stalking' but we call it an inseprable bond! It's honestly too cute for words. No wonder the clip brought in over 2 million views in less than 24 hours. 

LMAO! We don't know what we were expecting but it definitely wasn't a cat following the mom's every move this closely. The cat clearly didn't want to let her owner out of her sight because of the fear getting left behind again. "How dare you leave that adorable floof behind! 😂," said @Jennifer Norkett. We bet that won't happen again with the cat's 'stalking' skills!

"There's a mad cloud on your floor!" commented @mysticfiretopaz. HA! This is a perfect description. That cat is totally a cloud! @rossocrimson added, "It’s floating! ☁️☁️." This is what we like to call the calm before the storm! Just as clouds roll in as a storm approaches, this cat was floating in very quickly behind the owner. LOL! 

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Instead of comparing this cat to a cloud, we love what @Vicmeister3 said. The comment reads, "Cool I have a roomba, Where did you get the robotic mop?" LOL! The cat's floating ability really mimicked that of a roomba. If only she could clean like a roomba then we'd order five! 

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